When to Mow New Sod | Tips for Success

Fall is a great time to fertilize your lawn, but when to mow new sod? When your lawn has just been cut and you are ready to start preparing the sod for the upcoming new green growth, it is time to check the quality of your soil. Check to see that there is no waterlogged clay soil, or any area that has lost moisture rapidly. If your soil is severely lacking in moisture, it will need more watering than when you have properly watered and dried the soil. You also need to check for any bare spots on the lawn and in the driveway or sidewalks that can not be fixed by fertilizer.

If you are going to fertilize before mowing the turf, you should use a light application of compost and mildew remover, if your soil has not yet been cleared. With just a light application, this process will clear the soil of most of the debris that can cause problems later in the year. If you are going to mow the turf, you should use a rotary mower with a two inch feeder cut at least one inch outside of the first hole in the turf.

The cut in the turf should be straight and even. This will allow for proper seeding and increased coverage. It will also help to keep the grass down in the fall and keep it from blowing during the cooler spring weather. If the turf has not yet been cleared, make sure that you dig the holes with an auger or trowel. This will help move the compost or soil and remove much of the grass roots that may have entered the holes.


If you are going to fertilize in the fall, you should use a brand of fertilizer that is free of lime, salt, and silt. You will also need to water the lawn very well the day before you apply the fertilizer. After you water, you should put a sprinkler system on top of the soil and spread it very thinly. You should also consider using weed killer as a second layer. After the second layer, you should water the lawn again and spread again.

When you mow your lawn with laying sod, there are several steps that you should take. The first step is to outline the perimeter of the sod to be mowed. This outline should be done so that you do not walk into the center of the sod. You will want to make three equal sections on the perimeter of the lawn that are six to eight inches apart.


When you mow the lawn with laying sod in the summer, the best time to perform this task is in the late afternoon or early evening. Most people lay sod when temperatures rise to around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit, but there are those who choose to lay it as early as one hundred twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The reason for doing this may be due to the fact that during the hotter months of summer, grass can dry up and turn brown much earlier than normal.

There are some things that you should consider before you begin the process of laying sod. One thing to consider is how deep you want the turf to be installed. If you are going to use standard turf, you will only need to have it about two to three inches deep. However, if you are going with artificial turf, you will probably need to go with a depth of four to six inches. If you are unsure of what the specifications are for the particular type of turf you are looking to use, you should contact your local landscape contractor.


When you have the soil prepared, you will be ready to begin your project. You should let the grass grow to about an inch before removing it from the ground. If the grass is growing too much, you can cut it back to the desired height. For the best results, you should mow your lawn at least once a week during the growing season. By following these simple steps, you will be ensuring that you are doing everything possible to maintain a healthy lawn.