Performance Measures

Performance Measure Requirements

Other IPM Performance Measures

Conveying Requirements to Grantees
In the Request for Proposals, ask grantees to identify their baseline measures, the defined community that they will reach, their improvement target(s) and the performance measures they will use to indicate environmental improvement as a result of increased IPM adoption. They should be asked to report baseline data in the first or second reporting cycle. You can include this requirement in Terms and Conditions, controlling the funding flow to ensure baseline data is collected and reported.

Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPS)
A QAPP is a written document that describes the quality assurance procedures, quality control specifications, and other technical activities that must be implemented to ensure that the results of the project or task to be performed will meet project specifications. EPA requires approved QAPPS (or equivalent documents) for all applicable projects and tasks involving environmental data to ensure the project and task is documented and reviewed before the work is started.
QAPPS Guidance and Examples From Region 1
EPA Quality Manual for Environmental Programs
Draft QAPPS for EPA regional grants.
Overview of QAPPS (from EPA’s Office of Water for volunteer water quality programs)

Measuring the Sustainability of Success
You may consider placing time delimiters on some of the measures we list to try to document that these changes occurred and were sustainable over time, especially in light of stressors like invasive species, pest resistance, etc. If you can include follow-up measures to evaluate the impacts of projects beyond their original funding cycle, you can use what you learn to craft new RFP’s for better success.

Evaluating IPM Grants Programs:
The Center for Agricultural Partnerships analyzed the effectiveness of California EPA’s Department of Pesticide Regulation Pest Management Alliance (PMA) program. The Appendix includes the survey and forms they used.

Reporting on Project Portfolios:
Example of final report on portfolio of projects from EPA Region 10