Performance Measures

Performance Measure Requirements Other IPM Performance Measures Conveying Requirements to GranteesIn the Request for Proposals, ask grantees to identify their baseline measures, the defined community that they will reach, their improvement target(s) and the performance measures they will use to indicate environmental improvement as a result of increased IPM adoption. They should be asked to …

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Ag-Impact Discussion Group

AG-IMPACT Email Discussion Group The Ag-Impact Internet discussion group is an international forum for discussing issues, problems, and progress in developing methods for assessing the environmental impacts of agriculture. We hope the discussion will be useful and interesting to the growing body of researchers and practitioners working to develop and apply environmental impact assessment tools. …

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Grant Info

FQPA/Strategic Agricultural Initiative Program Grants EPA Region 10/American Farmland TrustDate Added:2002-08-15Date Valid:2002-11-01 FQPA/Strategic Agricultural Initiative Program Grants EPA Region 5/American Farmland TrustDate Added:2002-08-09Date Valid:2002-11-15

PDR Database

North Carolina – FORSYTH COUNTYCountywide program – Formed in 1984 – researched by Deborah Bowers OVERVIEW – Forsyth County’s Farmland Preservation Program is the only program in North Carolina, and perhaps the only one south of Virginia, to have acquired more than 1,000 agricultural easement acres by 2002. Land trusts and a few other county …

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