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weed and feed

Best Weed and Feed

Weed and feed is the perfect blend of broadleaf herbicides and fertilizers, which is effective for killing weeds and fertilizing the grass within a single application. They usually contain a rich amount of nitrogen that may benefit the lawn to grow deeper roots. Why weed and feed, not fertilizer? Weed and feed differ from fertilizer …

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Grant Opportunities

Strategic Agricultural Initiative (SAI) SAI grants support the development of pest management practices and products that are safe, effective and appropriate for the implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA). EPA regions offer SAI grants to: Increase the adoption of sustainable agricultural production practices in partnership with producers, commodity groups, and other stakeholders by …

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Definition Acronyms

DEFINITIONS Biointensive IPMA systems approach to pest management based on an understanding of biological processes to minimize risk from pests. EcolabelLabel used on food to show consumers that the product has been grown with a certain environmentally conscious method. Integrated Pest ManagementA strategy generally viewed as a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, …

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Virginia – VIRGINIA BEACH CITYCitywide program – Formed in 1995 – researched by Suzanne Heflin OVERVIEW – Virginia Beach is the only city in the United States that operates a significant agricultural easement program. And although it is the largest city in Virginia, with a population exceeding 400,000, Virginia Beach also encompasses in its borders a …

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Performance Measures

Performance Measure Requirements Other IPM Performance Measures Conveying Requirements to GranteesIn the Request for Proposals, ask grantees to identify their baseline measures, the defined community that they will reach, their improvement target(s) and the performance measures they will use to indicate environmental improvement as a result of increased IPM adoption. They should be asked to …

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