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Date Published:

June 1, 2006


Alvin D Sokolow


Report 3.pdf (1.59 MB)

A National View of Agricultural Easement Programs: Easements and Local Planning - Report 3


When agricultural easement programs and local planning policies work together in a mutually-reinforcing fashion, they advance the cause of effective farmland protection—as well as the related public goals of efficient land use, wise use of funds and political accountability. Examining the planning connections of 46 easement programs in 15 states, this report is based on the perceptions knowledgeable persons collected in extensive phone interviews and on more objective information from other sources.

Organizational and state government frameworks influence local relationships. Most sample easement programs are housed in organizations separate from local government planning, thus limiting coordination, although this is sometimes offset by funding, technical assistance
and other forms of cooperation. State laws determine the location of local planning authority.

American Farmland Trust