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The Farm Bill

"While it is easy to think of the farm bill today almost solely in terms of price supports for farmers, one of its primary intentions has been to encourage land conservation. However, since the 1996 Farm Bill, conservation spending as a percentage of direct aid to farmers has dropped from 26 percent in 1996 and 1997 to 6 percent in 2000."
(from page 2 of Protecting Our Most Valuable Resources)
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Policy Insights from 2001 Public Opinion Poll and 2002 Survey of Urban Edge Agricultural Landowners

"Five memos describing findings from a public opinion poll about agricultural stewardship issues conducted nation-wide and in seven regions: June and July 2001 and surveys of owners of urban-edge agricultural land in five important farm states: July 2001 to February 2002."
Achieving Good Wildlife Habitats on Farms and Ranches
Preventing Pollution from Agricultural Chemicals
Preventing Pollution from Livestock Wastes
Protection of Farmland from Conversion
Protecting Wetlands on Farms and Ranches

Findings from Two 2001 Coordinated Surveys: Are Owners of Urban-Edge Agricultural Land Willing to Provide Environmental Benefits that Urban and Suburban Residents Value?

"Findings of a national survey of registered voters and a survey of owners of agricultural land in urban-edge counties of five states: California, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin."
Environmental Benefits from Urban-Edge Agricultural Land

"Findings from a survey conducted in five states: August 2001 to February 2002 in California, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin."
Profiles of Urban-Edge Agricultural Landowners Interested in Government Assistance
Poll Result
Project Outline
Final Report
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